Our Policy

Customer Compensation Policy

The carrier is liable for any loss, damage or destruction sustained during the carriage by air.
We make every reasonable effort to deliver shipments within the stipulated timings and delivery schedules provided by consignor.
Upon the request of the consignor and payment of the prevailing rates, M&S Courier Ltd will arrange insurance of the cargo which will not cover any indirect loss or damage or damage caused by delays
M&S Courier Ltd is responsible for a shipment only when it is under the company’s control
M&S Courier Ltd liability in any event is limited to the good’s actual cash value and shall not exceed USD100 per shipment unless a higher value is declared on the airway bill by the consignor
For shipments exceeding 100USD, the consignor will be requested to make own insurance arrangements, failure to which the consignor assumes all risk of loss or damage

Unacceptable Shipments

A shipment is deemed unacceptable if:

Its carriage is prohibited by law, regulation, state or local government of any country from
It is classified as hazardous or dangerous
It contains items restricted by IATA
It contains firearms, ammunition, human remains, cash or cash equivalent, narcotics, cash or equivalent, precious stones or jewelry

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